720 Speedy


Minimal and versatile steel ice screw with innovative handle and Speedy System.

The bestselling “Grivel 360” has been revisited to give shape to the new 720 Speedy: even more essential and lighter, it offers a complete innovation in the lever. The innovative handle folds into the tube, making the product essential and at the same time reliable, with a 100% steel tube.
The ice screw is therefore “headless”, so its placement is facilitated and it can be easily used in all ice situations. Very compact and comfortable during transport as well.
Thanks to the Speedy System, consisting of a sling and a carabiner, the sling remains connected directly to the tube, for an incredibly fast and safe progression.

  • Activities: ice climbing / mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: steel
  • Certifications: CE EN 568
  • Weight:
    13 cm - 163 gr  (5,74 oz), including carabiner and sling
    16 cm - 172 gr (6,06 oz), including carabiner and sling


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