Mountain Runner Light


Vest-style light running pack.

Mountain Runner Light is our lightest trail running pack and has been designed for short trails or for training. Comfortable and practical, it is easy to wear, and has a capacity of 5 liters and is made of elastic material. Ideal and comfortable solution for storing what you need while running. The shoulder straps are adjustable in order to adapt to the body in an optimal way and minimize oscillations. The volume (both on the back and on the shoulder straps) is organized in several independent pockets, to better manage the load, but with minimal structure for the lowest weight. The back elastic band allows to compact the load. The back and shoulder straps are breathable and soft.

  • Activities: trail running
  • Materials/construction/technologies: light fabric 
  • Multiple pockets to carry everything you need, organize your gear and access it easily
  • Load compression strap for best agility
  • Weight: 275g (9,7 oz)
Pablo Criado

"Versatility made backpack, its minimalist appearance surprises with its great capacity and its balanced load that allows you to travel many kilometers of mountains, almost without feeling it. 
It is the second skin to carry what is necessary for any type of adventure or race, allowing you to do from a trail to an ultra or cross the mountains with the necessary material, a different model for each adventure but with the same adaptability"
Pablo Criado, Grivel Team

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