Sigma K8G


Versatile carabiner with gate-wire Twin-Gate system.

The Sigma is a D-shaped carabiner and sees its prevalent use on belays, at personal anchor systems, and it can be used also in the quickdraws to clip the rope when you want to guarantee the total non-opening of the carabiner itself under stress from a fall in a hard pitch and with long protections and high risk of falling. Opening by Twin-Gate wire-gate system, which does not require any additional maneuver (e.g. screwing), making it safer and faster than other systems. Furthermore, it allows to avoid accidental openings that can occur for example due to contact with the rock, due to incorrect passage of the rope due to involuntary hand pressure. Two openings also allow greater resistance than one. Finally, it maintains its functionality over time and does not fear the presence of dust, earth, ice like other systems. The gate-wire combination facilitates its use even with gloves, and allows you to easily attach all types of devices (brakes). Individually tested, with the date of testing and progressive number laser-marked on it.

  • Activities: climbing, mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: forged aluminum, Twin-Gate system with gate and wire
  • Certifications: CE EN 12275 - class B, UIAA 121, CE EN362
  • Weight: 57g (2,0 oz)
  • Length-Width-Opening: 101-62-23 mm
  • Resistance
    closed gate strength: 30
    minor axis strength: 9
    open gate strength: 9

“need help in choosing the right carabiner? read here!”

Damien Tomasi

"Carabiner ideal for clipping yourself into the belay during rappels. The Twin Gate eliminates the need to worry about whether the carabiner screw is properly closed!"

Damien Tomasi, Grivel Team

Steve House

"An extremely strong carabiner which is easy to operate with gloves on and in winter conditions. I carry two of these at all times, one for my Master Pro belay device and one for my personal attachment"
Steve House, Grivel Team

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