Our approach and goals

Since 1818 we have been working in the heart of the Alps at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, to allow you to explore the beauties that surround us.

Our respect for the environment comes primarily from our position: we are surrounded by wonderful nature and we want to preserve it for future generations.

Furthermore, our products are used to go into nature, in the mountains, and to fully enjoy it. It is therefore logical that the protection and respect for the “playing field” for our products is one of our priorities. 

Sustainability is therefore a 360° commitment, for which we work on several fronts:

Sources of energy

Materials and Production Technologies


Project support


1. Sources of energy

For over ten years, we have decided to only use renewable energy, such as solar and hydroelectricity.

First of all, in 2010 we built a large 516 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of our factory which allows us to cover our annual electricity needs.

The excess energy produced (for example during the long summer days) is sold on the network, and never wasted!

Our photovoltaic system allows us to save 83.000 liters of oil per year and save the Earth 806 kilograms of CO2 per day!

For cases in which we need to purchase energy from the outside (for example during the winter, when solar energy is not enough) we purchase certified hydroelectric energy. 

 As for heating, in 2018 we replaced the old diesel system with a natural gas one, modern and much more respectful of the environment.


2. Materials and production technologies

Painting: for over five years, we have replaced the traditional solvent-based painting with a water-based one, carried out using an internal system that we control directly. The water-based paint involves a reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs, harmful), making the product safer for both the environment, the athlete and also the worker. 


Mechanical processing: for mechanical processing that requires oils and lubricants, we have now replaced the petrolatum-based substances with vegetable and semi-vegetable solutions, which are much less polluting, and easier to dispose of. 


Plastic molding: this process has a circular life cycle. Production waste is sold to third-party companies who recycle them 100% and reintroduce them to the market. This system allows to eliminate waste of plastic material from the production process.

Water purification: the water we use in the production process is treated by an internal purification system, in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 152/06, to minimize their impact on the external environment.

3. Packaging

Often, we think about the product, the materials with which it is built and the production technologies and we “forget” about the packaging, which can instead have a significant environmental impact. The situation is evolving today, with a growing sensitivity to packaging in many countries around the world.

Our commitment has been, and is, to minimize the use of plastic and in general of non-recyclable materials.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have replaced the traditional adhesive tape with one made of Kraft paper, made from renewable resources and therefore ecological.

For internal packaging, in 2019 we decided to adopt an innovative material: PAPERplus Classic Grass, introduced on the market in 2019 by the German company Storopack. 

PAPERplus Classic Grass consists of sheets of paper 50% composed of grass produced in the area surrounding the Storopack production site (at km 0). The grass is dried and finally combined with 100% recycled paper. The result is a 100% compostable and recyclable product, as well as reusable.

In addition, grass grows faster than wood, and less water and energy are required in the production phase!


Finally, we always try to reuse as much as possible the packages and pallets with which the goods are delivered to us.


4. Support of external projects

When we can, we support and help projects of sustainability and respect for the environment around the world.

Here some examples: