Small asymmetric carabiners

Plume K3N


I mainly use it in mountaineering. Its lightness is its main strength.

It is absolutely the screw-lock carabiner that I always carry with me, on any terrain.
I love its lightness, size and easy handling.

I use it to build the belay and to carry equipment to the harness on long routes or waterfalls. I love its lightness!

I use this carabiner for all long routes that require a lot of equipment and where it is better to be light. Its lightness is its greatest strength!

For those who think that weight is the number 1 enemy of climbers and mountaineers!

I use it in the mountains when I need small and light carabiners that guarantee safety. I especially appreciate its lightness, compactness and versatility.

I mainly use it on long routes to secure myself and build belays. It is light and the small size allows you to snap the hard-to-reach pitons.

I use it on long alpine traditional rock climbing routes and also at extremely high altitudes, at 7000 and 8000m+ peaks.
I like mostly its extremely lightweight, almost you cannot say you have it with you or not! Where in long alpine wall climbs it is important to carry a certain amount, with less total weight, this item is excellent for use at forming belay anchors or connecting yourself to the belay. Also on climbs of extreme altitude you must carry less items with more functions, where this item is excellent. I use it at the rope end of my daisy altitude   one needs a few pieces of extremely light, reliable locking karabiners like this. The screw lock is easy to operate and does not freeze easily.
The tapered D-shape keeps the knots and rope in fine direction i.e. away from the lock and gate.
The keyhole hanger does not snag while operating. It offers a lot of imaginable uses in alpine climbing. Its gate opening is better than many comparable items. It is really a tough small sized carabiner.

I use it in all situations where a fixed anchor is required, to create a belay or with a descender together with a lanyard and a marchad knot while rappelling on a double rope.
A classic carabiner with a very light, small and practical screw closure especially where there is little space on the belay.

SOPHIE LAVAUD (Switzerland)
I use it in the Himalayas in addition to the A&D at the end of the safety lanyard on the fixed ropes.
It is compact and light, easy to clip and unclip even with large gloves or mittens.

I use it mainly on fixed belays on ice, to be passed in the screw. I always keep it in the harness with the Machard ready for use. Also to attach the haul bag to the recovery rope.
I really like its lightness, the small size and the softness of the screw-gate closure but at the same time its effectiveness (it never flows back by itself).

I always use it in mountaineering or multipitch climbing. It is often necessary to use lanyards to lengthen the fast protections, if the pitch on mixed terrain or on rock is not exactly in axis. I often keep ready-made 80cm shoulder lanyards with Plume Nut K3N: this carabiner is light and the screw-gate is an additional safety in the event of a fall!
Lightness is its main strength.

I always use it! For belays, to belay ... for everything!
I love its lightness, small size and versatility! It works like any other carabiner!


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