Ice Chasers - video series

Ice is an almost magical element, with its short lived and delicate nature. It has marked the life of many climbers who have been able to find in ice their vision and their path. This video series tells some of their stories. 


*English, Italian, French and German subtitles available on YouTube.


“You can take it or you can leave it … You can talk big, you can talk really big about what you're going to do, but when you walk and you see the frozen cascade, then you have to act, the talking is finished then!”.
Stevie Haston and the evolution of ice climbing and ice climbing gear.


“The way I try and approach any obstacle in life, it is breaking it down objectively, and thinking about what needs to happen one step at a time, and building upon that until you're where you need to be”.
Ice climbing and way of life according to Alan Rousseau, IFMGA mountain guide and Grivel athlete from Utah.


Ezio Marlier, pioneer of ice climbing in Italy in the 80s / 90s.
“There is a kind of bubble in which I can find balance, especially mental. I find this sense of numbness in the ice because it is an element in which today I recognize the great mountaineering that those before me probably did, a very fragile material, in complete transformation, always different”.


Stéphane Benoist, the French mountaineer with a burning passion for ice at high altitudes.
“It's not always about getting stuck in technique, always going the fastest, the hardest, but sometimes just trying to have a look that is a little transversal, a little different”.


Anna Torretta: the soul of ice is like a woman. Anna offers us her vision, dispelling the myth that this activity is only for tough men. More than a gesture of strength, ice climbing requires technique and even more passion for the natural element, vibrant, changeable.  



If ice climbing is as we know it today, it is thanks to the vision of some pioneers such as Walter Cecchinel who have revolutionized its practice.


Markus Pucher tells about what ice climbing and free soloing are for him: motivation, concentration, loneliness and conflicting feelings that shape and move him in an intimate game with nature. 


Christophe Moulin: “One day everything comes together, you have the level, you have the good gear, you have good conditions, and furthermore you have the photographer who takes the picture of the century because it is the picture that has marked I believe generations and generations of climbers”. Enjoy!


Steve House: Ice is emotion, ice climbing is meditation. Enjoy!


Hervé Barmasse: Ice as adventure, and as a key element of the mountains around the world. Enjoy!


Barry Blanchard:“It don’t got to be fun to be fun”. Enjoy!


François Cazzanelli: Ice as creative fantasy, seeing a line and striving to climb it. Enjoy!


Thierry Renault: Ice as an initiation and search of oneself.  Enjoy!


Aaron Mulkey: Ice climbing as exploration and search of the unknown! Enjoy!


Thomas Bubendorfer: climbing as Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get! Enjoy!


Angelika Rainer: climbing as personal growth, from competitions to travels around the world. Enjoy!


The role of ice, from shaping our mountains to a climbing discipline in itself.  Enjoy!