Grivel Sport Chain EVO


Compact and light personal anchor system.

Grivel Sport Chain Evo has a special construction created to support 23kn of strength for each loop, eliminating the possible risks from dangerous maneuvers. Safety is thus increased compared to a traditional construction, while maintaining versatility and practicality. It is designed mainly for single-pitch sport climbing, where you mainly need it at the belays to clip the rope, hence the short size. Compactness and lightweight are thus privileged. New construction with the possibility of fixing to the harness by means of a double (recommended) or single cow hitch. Each loop has sewn ends to facilitate sliding and fluidity. It comes single or combined with a Tau K12L  carabiner.

  • Activities: sport climbing
  • Materials/construction/technologies: dyneema, poliestere
  • Certification: CE EN 566, UIAA 104
  • Lenght: 60 cm
  • Weight: 46g (1,62 oz) without carabiner

Technical Information:

_EU Declaration of Conformity

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