Versatile multi-purpose belay device combined with rigging plate.

Multifunction belay plate used for recovery, rappelling and belay management. Shuttle is an ideal tool for the recovery of two seconds of rope climbing up, perfect for the construction of tackles and also for rescue and self-rescue maneuvers, promoting a general cleaning of the belay itself, reducing the margin of error in the maneuvers.
The curved shape and the asymmetry of the slots offers four different possibilities for braking the ropes, depending on the side (greater braking with upward curvature) and the direction (greater braking with "V" holes upwards) . This allows you to better manage ropes of different diameters, dry and wet and icy. Easy release in the event of a fall of one second by using the elongated lower hole with a webbing ring.

  • Activities: climbing, mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum
  • Certifications: CE EN 795 - type A, CE EN 354, CE EN 15151 -2, UIAA 129-5
  • Weight: 86g (3,0 oz)
  • Max Loading: 20kN

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