2 X 8


Classic figure of 8, light and versatile.

The most classic of the devices used to brake a rope in belaying and rappelling, the "figure 8"!
Compared to the standard models this allows 4 possibilities of use in relation to the braking capacity and the diameter of the rope(s) used.
It follows the tendency to use ropes with smaller diameters. It can be used by passing the ropes in the larger hole, for ropes above 9mm, or in the smaller hole for ropes with a smaller diameter.
The semi-curved shape allows a further possibility of modulating the braking effect, by using one side or the other, forming a more or less marked angle whit the ropes that go through it.
Its small size reduces the weight and the small holes of the body has a dissipating effect of the heat produced in the braking phase of the rope, reducing damage to the rope due to overheating, and allowing you to avoid burns when handling the 8.

  • Activities: climbing
  • Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum
  • Certification: EN 15151-2
  • Rope dimensions: 7,8 - 11 mm
  • Weight: 63g (2,2 oz)

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