Large carabiner, specially designed to be used also as a screw/gear carrier on the harness.

It is a "2 in 1" product: a great carabiner, but at the same time it has been specially designed to be also used as a screw/gear carrier on the harness. It has two lumps on the body: one to better fix in on the harness, and the orther one to place the screws wile picking them. It comes with a rubber strip to help fix it on any harness. Individually tested, with the date of testing and progressive number laser-marked on it.

  • Activities: ice climbing, mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum
  • Certifications: CE EN12275-class B, UIAA 121
  • Weight: 63g (2,2 oz)
  • Length-Width-Opening: 120-75-27 mm
  • Resistance:
    closed gate strength: 25
    minor axis strength: 9
    open gate strength: 10

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